Reader Rescue Stories: Cali, Toby and Abby

We’re celebrating Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month by starting off October with two rescue stories about three dogs. Each were abandoned, but all three were meant for better, more loving homes with humans that truly appreciated them. We hope you enjoy reading their stories as much as we did.

If you’re the pet parent of a rescued dog, we want to share your story, too. You just might inspire someone else to save a life! For information about submitting your rescue tale, click here.

The Road to Cali
By Ted Burner

Cali is a mixed-breed dog I rescued from a shelter. She had been picked up by animal control along the side of a highway where she appeared to have been dumped by her previous owners.

I visited her at the shelter with my daughter and our dog, Tess. She immediately wagged her tail when we met, and came right to us, as if she knew instinctively that we were prepared to offer her a safe, loving home.

Something that drew me to Cali was the fact that she looks like Benji, an animal actor I loved as a kid. We adopted her within an hour of meeting her, and she willingly drove home with us. She sat on my daughters lap looking out the window the whole way home.

She loves people, cats and our other dog. We even took her to visit my mother, who is battling cancer. Cali jumped on the couch with her and laid her head on my mothers arm. She is so well behaved and relaxed in her forever home.

Every Dog Deserves a Chance to be Loved
By Melanie Dark

My German Shepherd (who came to live with me as a puppy a few months after the death of my youngest son, and the beginning of a divorce), was getting really sick and I thought I might find him a pal in his final days.

I found Toby (on the left) in a Free to good home ad on Craigslist. The lady, who had adopted him from the Butler County Humane Society (he was turned in as a stray puppy found on the road), had to leave the state for her job, and was having trouble finding a pet-friendly home. Toby kissed me as soon as he met me, which his then-owner found strange.

For about the first six months, Toby hated being in the car, but finally accepted it and now looks forward to car rides. Hes very sweet, but doesnt like crowds of humans.

Abby (on the right) was found roaming in Lawrence County, Pa. She was roughly 1-and-a-half years old, and was shipped to the humane society there. She was not a breed that could make you feel threatened like these dog breeds.

The lady who had found her was concerned because Abby was so wild that there was talk of euthanizing her if the humane society couldn’t properly test her. I took one look at those big amber eyes and fell in love. I knew that I had to take the chance.

Lawrence County is a two-hour drive one way, and I made the trip three times before she could come home (not happily), with us.

She soon accepted me, and doesnt torment Toby nearly as much now as she did two years ago. Abby doesnt like new things (much like my rescue pony), but were hoping to be able to work on that in the near future.

I still miss my German Shepherd, but I am awfully glad to have these two furkids sharing my life!

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