Reader Rescue Story: Dusty and Shelby

After their home was broken into, the Maule family realized they needed the kind of peace of mind that you can only get from a rescue dog, or rather two dogs, in this case. After searching for the perfect pair, they came across Dusty and Shelby, and rescued them. We hope you enjoy reading their story as much as we did.

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How We Got Our Guardian Angels

By John Dickinson

In December 2010, our residence was broken into. We had no dogs at the time because my parents were not ready for another dog since the passing of our Great Dane in January 2009. The next month, my parents decided to go to the animal shelter and look at some dogs to join our family and help us keep an eye on the property.

We saw many dogs before we came across a Golden Retriever and a long-haired, black-and-brown dog that captured our attention. We got to meet them and see how well they did together. That day, Shelby the Golden Retriever and Dusty the Lab-Chow Chow mix, came to live with us and be part of our pack.

The shelter said Shelby was three and Dusty was six, but we think they switched the ages around. Shelby turned out to be an excellent play-pal and barking dog. Dusty was timid of everything at first, especially vehicles and new people. She finally started to come around and joined Shelby in barking at the trash truck.

About one year after we adopted them, Dusty had a litter of puppies, which surprised us all. She had three,but none of them ever showed any kind of hostility. The two that lived grew up to be strong, healthy puppies, and it killed me when we had to rehome them.

While Dusty was nursing the puppies, we noticed a baseball-sized tumor on one of her mammary glands. We had it removed when we got her spayed, and thought nothing more of it.

However, we believe Dusty had a stroke in July. We took her to the vet and had them give her a steroid shot. We took her home and shaved her, so she would be a little bit cooler. Unfortunately our efforts were in vain. Three days later, Dusty had passed away.

I may have only known Dusty for a little more than two years, but she was one of the best dogs I had. Shelby is still alive and going strong, but she is graying more and more each day. Its like she knows her best friend is gone.

All I can say for Dusty is at least she died knowing she was loved, instead of in a cage because she wasnt wanted, or on the streets. She lived a good life and I cannot wait until we meet again.