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Valencia cuna del ajedrez moderno
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Centro Cultural Bancaja will give the start to the match


TimeSeptember 21 st 2009

Lugar: Centro Cultural Bancaja (Access through Tetuan Square, 23)


Anatoli Karpov and Garry Kasparov are going to offer a press conference to the media next Monday at Fundación Bancaja at 12:00 h. , which will give the start to the revenge match and to the historic and cultural acts organized by the association ‘Valencia, cuna del ajedrez moderno’

At 13:30, the Russian chess players, together with the members of the organization, are going to be officially welcomed at the Valencian city council by the mayoress, Rita Barberá.

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Kasparov is going to land tomorrow after having trained in Oslo with the child prodigy of the World’s chess.


Gary Kasparov

Practically one week after Karpov, and very close to the historical match, Garry Kasparov lands Sunday evening at Manises airport, proceeding from Oslo, where he has been training for the revenge with Karpov, together with the child prodigy of the World’s chess.


The multimillionaire owner of Portsmoth confirms his presence in Valencia for assisting to the revenge match


Dr. Sulaiman Al-Fahim

Multimillionaire businessman Dr. Sulaiman Al-Fahim has confirmed his arrival to Valencia in the following hours for assisting to the historical match which is going to confront 25 years later Karpov and Kasparov and which starts next Monday with the cultural and historic acts organized by the association ‘Valencia, cuna del ajedrez moderno’.


José Antonio Garzón: "Karpov and Kasparov wanted to come to Valencia, because it’s the city where their dedication was created".


José Antonio Garzón

Valencian historian José Antonio Garzón (Chelva, 1963), one of the main characters of the international symposium 'Valencia, cuna del ajedrez moderno' (Valencia, cradle of the modern chess) and of the match between the two best chess players of the world the 21st to the 25th of September in 'Palau de les Arts i de les cičncies', assured today that "the invention of the modern chess in Valencia in the XVth century is the biggest Valencian cultural achievement ever". He added that the big reason for Karpov and Kasparov having accepted playing their historical revenge is paying tribute "the city where their dedication was created" and playing again 25 years later.


Kasparov concludes in Croatia his returns to the boards


Gary Kasparov

Legendary Garry Kasparov has confirmed officially his arrival in Valencia the eve of the historical match of revenge against Anatoli Karpov, September 20th. Until that moment, he’ll continue being concentrate at his residence in Croatia, where he prepares his awaited return to the boards with a specific training.


Karpov lands tomorrow at Valencia, together with a personal elite trainer, Victor Bologan, to end the training for the revenge against Kasparov


Karpov, alive history of the chess

Anatoli Karpov is going to complete the historical revenge against Garry Kasparov. It will be one of the biggest sports duel ever. He comes from Russia, where he lives, and he arrives at 21:00 to the airport. Although the days of the match he’ll stay at the hotel ‘Puerta de la Mar’, until then, he plans on staying close to the beach to concentrate and prepare this match, which both of them are taking very seriously, despite of being an exhibition.


Spectators of the five continents ask for tickets for the historical revenge match


Karpov and Kasparov

This official website has received since its opening last 2nd September requests for tickets from the five continents to assist directly to the revenge between the two living chess legends, leaders of one of the biggest and most exciting duels in sports history during the times they played for the world’s title.


Geurt Gijssen agrees with the organization of the match for directing the revenge in Valencia


Gijssen, the world's most popular internacional arbitre

Dutch arbiter Geurt Gijssen will be the one refereeing the revenge match Karpov-Kasparov which will take place in Valencia, September 21st to 25th. Gijssen is known for being the world’s most popular international arbiter. He was the one who directed the two last matches between them.


Karpov and Kasparov won't stay at the same hotel for not seeing each other before the match


The rivalry continues

It has been 25 years since their first duel, but Anatoli Karpov and Garry Kasparov are still not talking to each other. Their legendary rilvalry makes that, according to the organization of the match which will confront them September 21st to 25th, they are going to be in different hotels during their stay and they won’t see each other until they have to sit down and play. They don’t want to see each other before.


Karpov considers "extraordinary" the fact of playing the match against Kasparov at the Palau de les Arts of Valencia


Palau de les Arts of Valencia

Ex chessWorld champion Anatoli Karpov considered "extraordinary" the location where he will play against Garry Kasparov September 21st to 25th , after having visited, together with the principal organizators of the project 'Valencia,cuna del ajedrez moderno'(Valencia, cradle of the modern chess), the facilities of Palau de les Arts i les Cičncies, which is the place where they are going to play.


The mayoress of Valencia, Rita Barberá, receives Anatoli Karpov


The mayoress of Valencia, Rita Barberá

The mayoress of Valencia, Rita Barberá, accompanied by the sports councilor, Cristóbal Grau, received with big expectancy the ex chess World champion, Anatoli Karpov. There were also the members of the organizing committee of the event (the society 'Valencia, Cuna del Ajedrez Moderno'), Juan Anguix and Basilio López, ex presidents of Valencian chess federation, the historian and journalist José Garzón and Yago Perrín.


Karpov and Kasparov are going to play again 25 years later


The match continues

Anatoli Karpov and Garry Kasparov are going to find each other again 25 years after their historical match for the world’s champion title. Both players, who maintained 1984-1990 a strong contend beyond sports, are going to fight a duel September 21st to 25th in Valencia.